16 villa's Barbados

Project: 16 Villa’s Barbados

Parts provided by Van Sluisveld Group:
– Steel construction
– Facade construction
– Roof construction
– Roof covering
– Rainwater drainage system
– Windows, doors and sliding doors

Description of work:
At the Apes Hill Golf Resort in Barbados, we had the opportunity to provide the complete shell for the new development of 16 luxury villas. Van Sluisveld Group provides the engineering, delivery and supervision of the installation process.

The villas are all located directly on the golf course. The villas are fully insulated, both acoustically and thermally, and are finished to an aesthetically high standard.

The roofing material that has been used is specially designed for the high Uv exposure in the Caribbean islands. The cool roof membranes lower the interior temperature, save on energy and reduce CO2 emissions. As we use this special sustainable roofing material, around 100 trees have also been planted to compensate for the emissions from the production process! In addition, the roofing membranes can be completely recycled at the end of their life cycles.