With the development of the RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane, RENOLIT has created an extra energy and environmentally friendly solution for sealing roofs. This new cool roof roofing membrane complements the already extensive range of ALKORPLAN roofing sheets. It is the mix of the known advantages and qualities of the ALKORPLAN roofing membrane in combination with a high reflection of the sunlight that makes the ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane special.

“The RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane represents a durable and extra-high reflection”

White in the core

RENOLIT is one of the only companies on the market to offer a completely white PVC-P roofing membrane. Because the roofing membrane is white in the mass, maximum reflection of the sunlight is possible. In addition to increased reflection, the processing of the roofing membrane also benefits from the white underlay. The white welds hardly catch on and provide an aesthetically and homogeneously white roof surface

Renolit Alkorbright also has the following benefits:

  • Ecologic
  • Cost saving
  • Reduction cooling costs
  • Highest reflection on te market (97% CIGS)
  • Increases the efficiency of solar panels
  • Vuurbestendigheid
  • Fire resistant
  • Durable



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More then 90% reflection

With a solar reflectance of 90%, the RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane belongs to the absolute top among the cool roof roofing membranes. Generally can be assumed, the darker the roofing membrane, the less reflection from sunlight.

Also roofing membranes whose top layer is white and the bottom layer
gray / black score significantly worse on reflection of the sunlight.
Due to the high reflection of sunlight, only a limited part of the solar radiation is effectively converted into heat.