Superfloor 88


The Superfloor 88, a corrugatedprofiled steel plate, is the ideal replacement for concrete floors. All important properties of steel and concrete are connected to one whole and used for load-bearing floors. Large spans are possible and recesses can easily be made during construction. In addition, after installation the floor can be used directly as a work floor. The Superfloor 88 can be used for any type of floor and in some situations temporary supports is necessary in the construction phase. The high profiled steel sheets lead to an extremely flexible floor system with a low own weight. Suspension systems for pipes and ceilings can also be easily installed. And above all, the plates are quick and easy to assemble. In addition, the Superfloor 88 can be used in two ways. For example, by fitting the sheet upside down around, heavier reinforcement can be placed.


The great advantage of the Superfloor 88 is the enormous gain of time that is made. The steel profiled sheets can be placed quickly and easily, but the assembly is also not sensitive to weather, and casing pipes and pipes easy to assemble. Precisely this and the product benefits mentioned below make the Superfloor 88 an interesting saving on the total construction costs.

Superfloor 88 has the following benefits:

  • Competitive with comparible systems.
  • Short delivery times.
  • Low transport costs, also when exported.
  • Sheet will be cut and delivered bundled by length.
  • Applicable for every floor situation. Supports during installation sometimes needed.
  • Simple and easy installation without the need of an additional crane.
  • After installation, directly usable as work floor.
  • Continue working on floor below if supports are installed.
  • Cut-outs can be determined and made at location .
  • 30 Minute fire resistancy without additional provisions
  • Sufficient sound insulation.
  • Large spans possible.
  • Standard attachments, such as end closures are deliverable.
  • Sheets can be used on two sides, allowing heavier reinforcement to be placed.
  • Integrated conduits and ceilings can easily be installed with deliverable attachments.
  • Delivered in sendzimir galvanized steel



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