Tui Curaçao

Project: Headquarters Tui Curaçao

Parts provided by van Sluisveld Group:
– Steel structure
– Steel deck concrete floors
– Facade
– Aluminium curtain wall elements
– Windows and doors
– Interior and exterior stairs
– Balustrades
– Metal roof sheets
– Insulation + roof covering
– rainwater drainage system (syphonic drainage system)

Description of works:
In cooperation with Development and Real Estate Management (DREM) we are proud to announce that we were part of the development of one of the most sustainable buildings on Curaçao. This modern office will be the headquarters of TUI Curaçao.
Our team provided the technical engineering and the delivery of the materials for the shell of the building.
The well-insulated walls and roof keeps the cool inside and the heat outside. The Insulated solar controlled glass windows, the sunscreens and the canopy protect the inside environment against direct sunlight, but in the same time it provides natural daylight to the office. This all, in combination with the solar panels, ensures that 90 percent of the peak velocity energy can be generated by themselves.
Last but not least everything (delivered by us) is built with circular building materials procured from cradle2cradle and LEED approved manufacturers.